V. 2 Issue 2 August, 2003
Modeling News for Cleanup Standards

SESOIL and AT123D Input Parameters
Over the next several months this newsletter will focus on the SESOIL and AT123D input parameters. This month we start with the SESOIL climatic data. Inclusion of the seasonal climatic data is one of the reasons SESOIL is such a powerful vadose zone model.

Thanks for the suggestions.
Mr. Trey Hess the Mississippi Brownfields Program Coordinator at the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality wrote:

"AT123D only runs for 100 yrs. Make it 1000 yrs, particularly since "risk-based" cleanups involve leaving contamination in place."

Based on his suggestion this capability was added to SEVIEW. AT123D now runs to 1000 years when linked to SESOIL.

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