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SESOIL is a one-dimensional vertical transport and fate model for the unsaturated (vadose) zone. Processes simulated by SESOIL include: diffusion, adsorption, volatilization, biodegradation, cation exchange and hydrolysis. SESOIL is an acronym for the Seasonal Soil compartment model. It is the vadose zone model by which all other vadose zone models are judged. What sets SESOIL apart is its ability to simulate seasonal climatic variations and varying soil properties.

SESOIL now includes contaminant load to sublayers and the Summers model. Loading the sublayers provides input of up to 40 separate contaminant concentrations within the soil column. This provides for greater flexibility as contaminant load is now independent of the four main model layers. The Summers model provides an easy method of establishing groundwater concentrations.

Used to Establish Cleanup Objectives
SESOIL can be used to simulate the fate of residual soil contamination. Results can be used to establish site-specific cleanup objectives. It can also simulate time-dependent releases from underground storage tanks, landfills and agricultural practices. SESOIL was enhanced to simulate up to 1,000 years of contaminant transport. SEVIEW links the time-dependent contaminant load to groundwater from SESOIL to the AT123D and BIOSCREEN groundwater models.

Unique Capabilities
Utilizes monthly climatic data
Simulates varying soil properties with depth
Sublayer Loading

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