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AT123D is a generalized three-dimensional groundwater transport and fate model. AT123D is an acronym for Analytical Transient 1-, 2-, and 3-Dimensional Simulation of Waste Transport in the Aquifer System. It simulates contaminant transport under one-dimensional groundwater flow. Transport and fate processes simulated include: advection, dispersion, adsorption and biological decay.

Used to Establish Cleanup Objectives
AT123D can model the time-dependent contaminant release from the SESOIL vadose zone model. The version of AT123D in SEVIEW was enhanced to simulate up to 1,000 years of contaminant migration when linked to SESOIL. It can also simulate over 10,000 years on its own. Results can be used to establish site-specific cleanup objectives.

Unique Capabilities

Utilizes monthly SESOIL output
3D model
Now runs to 1,000 years when linked to SESOIL
Runs over 10,000 years on it's own

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