Groundwater Transport and Fate Model

BIOSCREEN is a screening level groundwater transport and fate model and is based on the Domenico analytical model. It simulates contaminant transport based on advection, dispersion, adsorption and biological decay. Contaminant transport can be simulated:

  • Without biological decay,
  • With biodegradation simulated as a first-order decay process, or
  • with biodegradation based on instantaneous reactions.
Establish Site-Specific Cleanup Objectives

When used with SEVIEW, BIOSCREEN can be calibrated to the time-dependent contaminant load to groundwater from SESOIL. Results can be used to estimate how far a contaminant plume will migrate and can be compared to groundwater standards to evaluate risk at specific locations and times.


BIOSCREEN was developed under contract from the US Air Force, by Ground Water Services, Inc. BIOSCREEN version 1.3 was released in 1996, followed in 1997 by version 1.4. The latest version contains an estimated mass flux of contamination entering surface water bodies. No modification made to the version of BIOSCREEN included with SEVIEW.

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