Founded in 1996 and privately held, ESCI, LLC develops and markets SEVIEW, an integrated contaminant transport and fate modeling system. SEVIEW was developed as we recognized that the market was dominated by costly and complex solutions that were effectively out of reach of all but a select few. Our focus towards performance, ease of use, and flexibility appeals to environmental professionals who often find transport and modeling an obstacle to productivity. Not surprisingly, our software has found favor with consultants, regulators, and universities around the world.

Software, Training, and Consulting

At ESCI, we believe that when you purchase SEVIEW, you're putting your faith in not only our software, but also in our technical support. We take pride in our technical support and rapid turnaround times. Beyond developing a quality product, we view this as our most important job. We also provide training seminars and consulting services related to the development of site-specific cleanup objectives, either directly or through your company. By working with consultants, regulators, and clients we ensure that our software and training seminars meet real world requirements.

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