Setup SESOIL Model Scenarios

SESOIL setup screen

All SESOIL Parameters on One Screen

SEVIEW includes sophisticated input screens in which all SESOIL and AT123D input parameters can be entered. The input parameters are presented in tab-organized input screens which are linked to a journal. Input parameters are simply entered and the changes are automatically saved by moving to the next model scenario in the journal or by closing the setup window. This means you do not have to individually open and save each model input file in separate windows. This dramatically reduces the time it takes to establish model scenarios. Quality control is also improved because all of the input parameters can now be quickly scanned.

Climatic Database

Climatic database

Climatic Database

SEVIEW includes a climatic database that contains information on monthly air temperature, cloud cover, relative humidity, short wave albedo, precipitation, length of storm events, number of storms and the distribution of storms for 6,674 cities in the US, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands.

Chemical Database

Chemical database

Chemical Database

SEVIEW includes chemical information for 695 chemicals. This database includes: CAS registry number, chemical formula, water solubility, air diffusion coefficient, water diffusion coefficient, Henry's Law constant, organic carbon adsorption coefficient, molecular weight and liquid phase biodegradation rate data.

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