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V. 5 Issue 2 November, 2017
SESOIL and the Pinios River
Last time we looked at SESOIL and the Nile River. We now turn our attention to a water balance study of the Pinios River Basin in Greece. Marc Bonazountas et al. selected to use the SESOIL model1. As co-developer of SESOIL, Marc knew the hydrologic cycle sub-model was well suited for this purpose. The principle goal of their evaluation was to determine if SESOIL, with its limited data requirements, could produce reasonable model results. They conclude that SESOIL is a useful water balance model, especially for river basins with insufficient data required by other models.
SEVIEW Tranining December 6, 2017 at the Rutgers Continuing Studies Conference Center
Registration deadline is November 28, 2017
Approved for 4 technical CECs in New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.
November 28, 2017 is the last chance to register for SEVIEW training. SEVIEW 7.1 is the only software that meets the specifications of the NJDEP guidance documents on:
  • Using the SESOIL Transport Model to Assess the Impact to Ground Water Pathway
  • Using the Combined SESOIL/AT123D Models to Develop Site-Specific Impact to Ground Water Soil Remediation Standards For Mobile Contaminants
Instructor: Robert Schneiker, PG, MS, President, ESCI, LLC
With 25 years of modeling experience Mr. Schneiker is the sole designer and developer of the SEVIEW modeling software. He has conducted numerous SESOIL and AT123D training seminars and has presented papers on modeling in the United States, the European Union, and Canada.

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